How would nature design a financial system?

A Biomimicry Design Challenge


​Hi!  I'm Jamie.  I'm a biomimicry specialist, community credit architect and sustainable development expert in Basel, Switzerland.  I'm also a Managing Partner of Biomimicry Switzerland.  I've focused on regenerative financial architecture since 2005 and am excited about the movement to interconnect community-based mutual credit systems into a truly bottom-up global exchange network that's consistent with biological design principles: locally attuned and adapted, diverse, decentralised, iterative, and premised on qualitative rather than quantitative expansion.  The last few years I've been working with the Biomimicry Global Network to help put this work into practice.  

Now I'm in the transformational life process that follows becoming a parent.  I'm engaged with the Global Ecovillage Network and my family is planning to move into a community soon.  I hope my work in the future will be integrated with the life on the ground there.  Stay tuned and thanks for visiting my site!

Bio-credits Webinar (click on image):

Jamie Brown-Hansen

Mins 2-18: overview of community credit as the form of financial architecture most consistent with biological design principles, or the design of mature biological systems

Mins 18-22: biological metaphors for money, and established finance as a "mother tree"

Mins 24-32: demonstration of the Biomimicry Exchange Network (BXN), our first prototype of a bioinspired credit facility for the global biomimicry community

Mins 32-55: Q&A on mutual credit systems

Finance 3.8 - A Biomimicry Design Challenge
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