Global Policy Research

Main Author

Financial Mechanisms and Investment Frameworks for Renewables in Developing Countries
International Renewable Energy Agency (2012).  Download

Financial Instruments to Promote Energy Efficiency: The Experience of Local Financial Institutions In Latin America and the Caribbean, Report of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and German Development Bank KfW, 2012.​  Download

​Smart Climate Finance: Designing public finance strategies to boost private investment in developing countries
German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ (2011).  Download

Project Leader / Production

Publicly Backed Guarantees as Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy
UNEP SEF Alliance (2010).  Download

​Why Clean Energy Public Investment Makes Economic Sense - The Evidence Base
UNEP SEF Alliance (2009).  Download

Public Venture Capital Study
UNEP SEF Alliance and New Energy Finance (2008).  Download

Co-author and Project Leader

The UNEP SEFI Public Finance Alliance: A document to support the establishment of an international platform for managers of public and publicly backed funds dedicated to building sustainable energy markets
UNEP SEFI and BASE (2008).  Download


What Role for Public Finance in International Climate Change Mitigation?
OECD (2008).  Download

​Public Finance Mechanisms to Mobilise Investment in Climate Change Mitigation
​UNEP SEFI (2008).  Download

​Comparison and Assessment of Funding Schemes for the Development of New Activities and Investments in Environmental Technologies
European Commission, FUNDETEC (2007).  Download